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Mirage Hardwood

Mirage Hardwood


We at FDW Carpet One offer a great selection of hardwood flooring in our Crystal Lake, IL store. One of our featured brands is Mirage. Why is Mirage a great option for your home?



Award-Winning Quality



Mirage quite literally offers award-winning hardwood. It has won 29 awards in the last 10 years, largely because its hardwood floors offer long-lasting quality. Mirage hardwood floors are high quality because they are only made from strong and stable wood and because Mirage utilizes finishes such as Nanolinx and DuraMatt. Nanolinx finish is made using nanotechnology, so it is 5x more resistant than most finishes. DuraMatt finish brings out wood natural beauty, resists most stains, and is 20x more wear resistant than regular oil finishes.



Wide Selection



Mirage certainly offers one of the largest selections of hardwood in the industry. You can choose from different wood species, shades, plank widths, and surface finishes. As a result, no matter your tastes or preferences, there is a Mirage hardwood floor to suit your needs. Also, Mirage floors are available with three different installation technologies. This means that no matter what kind of subfloor you have in your room, you can always choose a Mirage floor.



Health and Safety



When it comes to its hardwood floors, Mirage certainly puts the health and safety of your family first. Mirage’s finishes are hypoallergenic, which means that they do not trap dust, dirt, or other particles. Also, these finishes do not include volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde, both of which can be harmful to your family. Mirage hardwood therefore helps makes your home a healthier living environment.




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