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kid-friendly flooring

Kid Friendly Flooring

What is the Best Flooring for Kids?


Life events like a big move, changes in the size of your family, or the addition of a pet can all influence the decision to buy a new floor. Another major influence is children and regardless if you are a new parent or have experience, every parent wants to make sure their home is safe for their children. That is why we offer kid friendly flooring here at FDW Carpet One Floor & Home in Crystal Lake.


What Makes Flooring Kid Friendly?


When you think of a kid-friendly floor, you think of stain-resistance, moisture resistance, slip-resistance and scratch-resistance. From babies to tweens we have a flooring option that’ll cover your home and last for years. We have floors for babies just learning to crawl, toddlers dropping and throwing their toys, or young kids walking around with dirty shoes, that will put up with a lot of wear. A good kid-friendly floor should be safe for your children and also be able to handle boisterous play.


Kid Friendly Carpet


Children are not always limited to one area of your home, so it is important to make sure the flooring throughout your home can handle the challenges your children throw their way.



Carpet is a great option if you are looking for a soft surface underfoot. Carpet can help to reduce noise during playtime, which is great for rooms that have an echo. They are also a great cushion for accidental falls, and crawling babies. We feature carpets that are resistant to staining, spills, and moisture which help to keep maintenance to a minimum.


Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Durable?


Luxury vinyl is a popular flooring material for homes with kids because it’s unaffected by water, resistant to stains, easy to take care of, inexpensive, and very durable. These floors can handle everything from dropped toys to spilled milk or juice. In most cases, vinyl flooring can stand up to daily life with children. The best part of luxury vinyl flooring is that it can replicate the look of real wood or tile flooring, so you can have the look of any floor you want.



If you are in need of new kid friendly flooring in your home, be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals.




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