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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing


As the years march on, your hardwood flooring can definitely take a beating, but that doesn’t mean you have to bid your floor farewell. Your old hardwood flooring has a lot of life left in it, and with proper refinishing techniques, it can reemerge with a bold, new look. At FDW Carpet One Floor & Home of Crystal Lake, IL we have the skills and tools to bring your old flooring back to life, offering a range of hardwood refinishing services.  With our custom wood floor colors and finishing techniques, we promise you’ll love the end results for a many years to come. 


Hardwood Refinishing Options


One of the quickest options for revamping your hardwood flooring, buffing can clear your floor of everyday scratches and small gouges that mar its surface. Also referred to as “screening,” this technique employs a special tool armed with screen grits to return your floor to its original luster. Typically, the process is complete with an application of a polyurethane finish. 



Sanding and refinishing your hardwood flooring is a more comprehensive process that’s usually your best bet for very old or more severely damaged hardwood floors. Using a drum sander with varying-sized grits, this process returns your floor to its bare bones before filling in cracks or uneven spots with a wood filler. You can even change your floor’s stain color and bring bold, new life to your old flooring in this manner. 



Regardless of the option you choose, it’s not recommended to pursue this project without professional help. But don’t worry: our refinishing experts are always here to help! Want to learn more about your hardwood refinishing options? Give us a call today at (224) 338-5727 and chat with one of our friendly flooring experts. 



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