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COREtec Flooring in Crystal Lake

COREtec is without a doubt one of the most popular, and best-performing, luxury vinyl flooring options available today. Why? To truly understand COREtec, you need to understand its patented construction.

COREtec's Construction

COREtec flooring options such as COREtec Plus are made from a special layered construction. The top layer is called the wear layer, and it protects against wear and tear and repels stains. As a result, COREtec floors are relatively easy to clean, even in commercial areas. The second layer, which is the luxury vinyl layer, is where COREtec gets its natural appearance. The layer includes an authentic image of either wood or stone, so the floor looks exactly like real hardwood or stone flooring. Furthermore, the luxury vinyl layer does well to resist dents.

The last two layers, the core structure and the cork underlayment, are what really set COREtec apart from other luxury vinyl options. The core structure resists moisture, so the entire floor is totally waterproof. In fact, COREtec planks will never expand or contract under moist conditions. COREtec certainly has one of the strongest cores in the industry, so the floor is aptly named! In fact, COREtec was the first luxury vinyl flooring option to offer a waterproof core. The cork underlayment is the final layer, and it provides comfort and support to the entire floor. Also, given the soft construction, the cork underlayment makes it possible to install COREtec floors over most uneven subfloors.

COREtec is available in multiple styles, including COREtec One and COREtec Plus. To see which style is best-suited for your desired setting, be sure to visit FDW Carpet One in Crystal Lake, IL. Be sure to visit our luxury vinyl flooring page.

COREtec Flooring Options

COREtec flooring Crystal Lake, IL

COREtec One

COREtec One is the original waterproof luxury vinyl floor. It has a strong waterproof core, but it does not have the cork underlayment you'll find with COREtec Plus.

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COREtec Plus Crystal Lake, IL

COREtec Plus Plank

COREtec Plus is available in 5" and 7" vinyl planks that, since they have a waterproof core and a cork underlayment, are more durable than real wood planks.

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COREtec Plus Crystal Lake, IL

COREtec Plus Tile

COREtec Plus comes in 12"x24" tiles that are totally waterproof and, unlike ceramic tiles, rather comfortable underfoot.

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