Rubber Flooring

A unique take on resilient flooring

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Learn About Rubber Flooring

FDW-Carpet-One-Crystal-Lake-IL-Rubber-FlooringThere are a variety of resilient flooring options such as vinyl, laminate, and linoleum.  These resilient floors can withstand most of what life throws at them, from moisture to heavy foot traffic.  Resilient floors are perfect for homes with children and pets, and they also are typically strong enough for commercial settings as well.

Another resilient flooring option is rubber flooring.  Like vinyl, laminate, and linoleum, rubber flooring is water and wear resistant.  But, rubber flooring is softer and more comfortable underfoot.  This softness, however, does not take away from rubber flooring’s strength and durability.

What is rubber flooring’s biggest advantage?  Given its rubber construction, it can withstand almost every drop or fall.  Think, for example, what would happen if you dropped a large tool on vinyl or tile.  There would almost certainly be dents or cracks.  But, with rubber flooring, the surface is unlikely to be damaged at all!  As a result, rubber flooring is perfect for basements, garages, and home gyms, where drops are more frequent.  Rubber is also practical for door mats as well.  For extreme durability, there is commercial-grade rubber flooring.  You typically see this in schools, hospitals, and even playgrounds.

To learn more about rubber flooring, be sure to check out FDW Carpet One.  Our flooring experts will help you determine which type of rubber flooring is best for your next project.

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