Quick Step Laminate

High-quality laminate flooring that's perfect for busy households

Advantages of Quick Step Laminate

Quick Step laminate Crystal Lake, IL

Laminate flooring is a more durable alternative to hardwood, but not all laminate floors are the same. There are, in fact, some laminate options that simply out-perform the others. One such option is Quick Step laminate. Quick Step offers a few different product performance technologies that set it apart from the competition.

Quick Step laminate planks feature a special, ultra-durable construction. The top layer is a wear-resistant overlay that resists scratches, scuffs, stains, and burns. Consequently, the laminate planks will never need to be refinished like real hardwood. Underneath the wear layer is a design layer from which Quick Step laminate gets its natural wood-like appearance. There are a variety of different wood looks from which to choose, so nothing is off limits. The next layer is a waterproof HDF core board that provides exceptional dimensional stability to the laminate planks, so even when exposed to moisture, the planks will not expand and contract. Finally, the bottom layer is called the balancing layer, and it offers extra strength to the planks. Other laminate options lack this strong bottom layer, so the planks will often collapse underneath the weight of the top layers. Quick Step laminate, however, does not have this problem.

Our Selection

FDW Carpet One in Crystal Lake, IL is your home to a selection of Quick Step laminate flooring options, including styles from the Veresque and Eligna collections. Veresque laminate floors are available in natural wood looks such as hickory, walnut, and Applewood. Plus, they feature a smooth finish that is similar to that of wood furniture. Veresque planks also have Quick Step’s GenuEdge technology, so the surface design rolls over to the plank edges for an authentic look.

If you’re looking for exotic wood looks, be sure to consider the Eligna collection. Eligna laminate floors offer domestic exotic wood looks, and they even have authentic surface textures. So, the planks actually feel like real wood planks.

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