Natural beauty and strength from hardwood

Our Hardwood Selection

hardwood floors Crystal Lake, IL

Hardwood is without a doubt one of the most popular flooring options in homes. Its natural beauty and durability add value to any home, and it can accommodate almost all designs. We at FDW Carpet One are proud to offer a variety of hardwood brands in our Crystal Lake, IL store.

Somerset: Somerset flooring offers a tremendous selection of hardwood. There are multiple collections available, including hand crafted, high gloss, and wide plank, each of which has unique features and benefits. Somerset’s solid hardwood is thick enough for multiple refinishings, and its engineered hardwood, although it’s a little thinner, is more dimensionally stable.

Anderson: Anderson offers tremendous style, design, and durability with all of its hardwood floors. It’s one of the few manufacturers to utilize authentic hand craftsmanship, so Anderson floors are unique and timeless. Also, Anderson continues to emphasize innovation by offering new techniques and features such as the Lusta-Lock Ultra finish.

Mirage: When it comes to quality, Mirage hardwood is certainly one of the most noteworthy. Mirage operates two innovative production plants that, when combined, have an area equal to 13 football fields! Here, Mirage flooring experts utilize cutting-edge technologies to design and produce hardwood products. In fact, over the last five years, Mirage has developed over 300 unique products.

Columbia: Columbia flooring refers to its hardwood floors as “character floors” because they each seem to have an individual personality. As a result, each Columbia hardwood floor certainly adds value to any home. Columbia offers a wide variety of wood types and styles, including oak, hickory, and maple.