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carpets Crystal Lake, IL

Carpet in Crystal Lake

Are you looking to add the softness, warmth, and style of carpet to your residential or commercial setting? Be sure to visit FDW Carpet One in Crystal Lake, IL to check out our wide selection. We offer many different residential and commercial carpet options, so well surely have a style that fits your every need.

Residential and Commercial Carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options in residential and commercial settings, but there are certain differences between residential and commercial carpets. In residential settings such as homes, style and comfort are most important, but durability does remain a concern. We therefore recommend choosing berber carpet, shag carpet, or frieze carpet. Berber carpet is probably the most popular, as it is strong and durable enough for most home settings. Frieze carpet also is durable, and it has a rather shaggy appearance that can hide dirt and stains. For extra style and softness, shag carpet is the most appropriate.

In commercial and other high-traffic settings such as offices, strength and performance are important. So, commercial carpet needs to be strong and stable enough to handle these impacts. We recommend taking a look at carpet tiles because, although they have a real carpet construction, they are built to handle foot traffic. Plus, carpet tiles, since they are installed like real tiles, are easy to replace if necessary.

If you want to add extra comfort underfoot, be sure to ask us about carpet padding.

Our Carpet Selection and Services

As part of our carpet selection, we offer Carpet One exclusive brands such as Tigressa, Lees, Resista, Innovia, and Bigelow STAINMASTER. We also offer specialty brands such as Stanton and Kane.

We’ll also work with you to handle carpet installation. Click here to learn more about carpet installation.