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Carpet Installation Options

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Carpet installation isn’t always a straightforward process, but fortunately your friends at FDW Carpet One in Crystal Lake, IL are here to help. We'll install any carpet option we have in the store, and we'll work with you to handle any special circumstances. More importantly, we'll make sure that you're completely satisfied with the final project! That's a guarantee!

There are two main installation options available: stretch-in and glue-down. Which option is best for your setting?

Carpet Stretch-In Installation

As the name implies, the stretch-in installation method involves actually stretching the carpet across a room. Tackless strips are installed at the ends of the room, and then the carpet is attached to the strips and stretched out until completely flat. Any extra carpet that remains is cut and removed to ensure a perfect fit.

The stretch-in method is preferred in homes and other residential areas because it usually results in more softness and comfort underfoot. But, we do not recommend this method in settings with high humidity or heavy foot traffic.

Carpet Glue-Down Installation

How do you install carpet in heavy traffic areas? We recommend the glue-down method. With this method, the carpet is actually glued to the subfloor with a strong adhesive. As a result, the carpet will be more durable and more stable, so it will remain strong against foot traffic. For some additional comfort, you can certainly choose an appropriate carpet pad. In this case, the pad will be glued down to the subfloor, and then the carpet will be glued down to the pad.

Given the extra emphasis on strength and support, the glue-down method is more popular in commercial settings.


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