Bamboo Flooring

Strength and a unique style with bamboo flooring

Our Bamboo Selection

bamboo flooring Crystal Lake, IL

Bamboo flooring has quickly become a popular flooring option in homes and other residences. Bamboo resembles other wood flooring options such as hardwood, but it is more durable and has a unique style.

How exactly more durable is bamboo? Bamboo has an extremely hard surface, so it dents less on impact than most hardwoods. Plus, bamboo is more dimensionally stable, so it is better-suited for high temperatures and humidity. What about looks? Bamboo floors have distinct patterns of dark bands and nodules, and these definitely set them apart from hardwood floors.  

Teragren Flooring

We at FDW Carpet One offer Teragren bamboo in our Crystal Lake, IL showroom. Teragren manufactures multiple bamboo products, but its bamboo floors are most popular. Teragren floors offer premium hardness and durability, so they are suitable for areas with high traffic. In fact, some styles are actually strong enough for commercial settings! Also, given the real bamboo construction, Teragren bamboo floors have unique shades and wood grains.

Teragren offers solid bamboo flooring that, since it’s made from a real strip of bamboo, is completely natural and eco friendly. In addition, Teragren offers engineered bamboo flooring that is extra stable as a result of its special construction.

To learn more about Teragren and about bamboo, be sure to visit FDW Carpet One today. We also carry bamboo flooring from the Voyager Collection.